Lightbox zoom functionality to show original product image
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A Spree extension that adds lightbox zoom functionality for product images. The lightbox is powered by fancyBox.


Add this extension to your Gemfile:

gem "spree_product_zoom", :git => "git://"

Then run:

bundle install


bundle exec rails g spree_product_zoom:install

in order to copy over the required css and js files.

Once installation is complete your product images can be zoomed by clicking on the "Zoom In" button beneath an image.


spree_product_zoom has only one configuration option, the paperclip image style to use when zooming in on an image. It defaults to :original.

To change the default style from :original create a file config/initializers/spree_product_zoom.rb with the following content:

Spree::ProductZoom::Config[:default_image_style] = :your_image_style


This project has been released under the New BSD License, Copyright (c) 2012 John Dyer. Please keep in mind that fancyBox has to be licensed in particular if you want to use this gem in a commercial way. See for more details: