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Write for SFG!

Spring Framework Guru is a website dedicated to helping people learn how to use the Spring Framework. We are always looking for people to contribute great how-to articles.

Topics of Interest

  • Anything related to the Spring Framework!
  • Java Programming
  • Java Messaging - JMS, AMQP, Kafka
  • Building Java - Maven / Gradle
  • Testing - JUnit, Mockito, Spock, etc
  • Java ORM - JPA / Hibernate
  • Alternative JVM Languages - Groovy, Kotlin, Scala
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Generally any enterprise Java related topic

Guest Contributions

If you would like to publish articles, we offer two ways:

  • Guest Author - Not paid, but published under your name
  • Paid Contributor - Paid contribution, but published under 'SFG Author'

Guest Authors

If you're growing your programming career, blogging is a great way show potential employers your skills. Many people don't know how to get started. How to setup a blog, set things up for SEO, securing the site, etc.

As a Guest Author for Spring Framework Guru, you can just focus on writing. We take care of hosting the blog. You get to write and have exposure to the SFG audience.

You get to show future employers your articles published on Spring Framework Guru.

Paid Contributors

As a paid contributor, you get to choose topics from our list of topics, or ask us to approve a topic you are interested in writing about.

We're pretty flexible about topic approval. If your proposal is Java or Spring related, we will likely approve it.

Contributor Levels

We pay contributors based on their skill level. At SFG, we have the following contributor levels:

  • Associate Contributor - Beginner level authors. 0 - 4 years of programming experience
  • Contributor - Typical level, beginner to experienced developer content. 4 - 12 years of programming experience.
  • Senior Contributor - Expected to contribute more complex content, leading edge topics. In depth content. 12+ years of programming experience.


500-750 Words 750-1500 Words 1500-2500 Words 2500+ Words
Associate $35 $45 $60 $70
Contributor $70 $85 $105 $120
Senior Contributor $90 $105 $130 $150


Getting Started

If you would like to start writing for Spring Framework Guru, checkout this page!

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