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Commits on Jul 7, 2015
  1. @jhoeller

    DefaultSubscriptionRegistry defensively checks for removal between ke…

    jhoeller authored
    …ySet and get calls
    Issue: SPR-13205
  2. @sdeleuze

    Polish @CrossOrigin javadoc

    sdeleuze authored
  3. @sdeleuze
  4. @sdeleuze


    sdeleuze authored
  5. @rstoyanchev

    Fix RequestPartServletServerHttpRequest encoding issue

    rstoyanchev authored
    When using Appache Commons FileUpload, multi parts with binary data
    (i.e. that are not actual files) are saved and then accessed as
    String request parameters.
    Before this change however the RequestPartServletServerHttpRequest
    used a fixed encoding (UTF-8) while the parsing code in
    CommonsFileUploadSupport/Resolver used the encoding from the
    content-type header, or the request, or the FileUpload component.
    This change does a best effort to determine the encoding of the
    request parameter using a similar algorithm as the parsing side
    that should work the same unless the encoding comes from the
    FileUpload component which is not accessible.
    Issue: SPR-13096
  6. @rstoyanchev

    Update Spring MVC Test reference

    rstoyanchev authored
    Add section on Spring MVC TEst vs full integation testing and provide
    reference to Spring Boot's @WebIntegrationTest as an alternative.
    Issue: SPR-13169
  7. @rstoyanchev
  8. @jhoeller


    jhoeller authored
Commits on Jul 6, 2015
  1. @jhoeller


    jhoeller authored
  2. @jhoeller

    DefaultSubscriptionRegistry uses deep LinkedMultiValueMap copies betw…

    jhoeller authored
    …een accessCache and updateCache
    Issue: SPR-13185
  3. @jhoeller

    LinkedMultiValueMap explicitly supports deep copies

    jhoeller authored
    Issue: SPR-13201
  4. @rstoyanchev
  5. @rstoyanchev

    Add concurrent test and fix potential NPE

    rstoyanchev authored
    After SPR-12884 (4.2 RC1) introduced support for a selector header
    expression on SUBSCRIBE frames, messages from the destination cache
    are further filtered based on the selector expression. While adding a
    test to find subscriptions at the same time as unsubscribing, a
    potential NPE was exposed. This commit fixes the NPE.
    Issue: SPR-13204
  6. @rstoyanchev
  7. @sbrannen
  8. @sbrannen
  9. @jhoeller
  10. @jhoeller

    MultipartFile interface extends InputStreamSource

    jhoeller authored
    Issue: SPR-11861
  11. @jhoeller
Commits on Jul 4, 2015
  1. @sbrannen
Commits on Jul 3, 2015
  1. @bclozel

    Fix error message typo in ShallowEtagHeaderFilter

    bclozel authored
    Issue: SPR-13194
  2. @sbrannen


    sbrannen authored
  3. @sbrannen

    Introduce test for DeferredResult w/ delayed error in MVC Test

    sbrannen authored
    This commit introduces a test that verifies the fix introduced in
    Issue: SPR-13079
  4. @sbrannen

    Polish AsyncTests

    sbrannen authored
Commits on Jul 2, 2015
  1. @rstoyanchev

    Avoid duplicates from <websocket:decorator-factory>

    rstoyanchev authored
    Before this change <websocket:decorator-factory> decorated to
    the SubProtocolWebSocketHandler RootBeanDefinition rather than
    using a RuntimeBeanReference, which led to a separate instance
    of SubProtocolWebSocketHandler to be created.
    Issue: SPR-13190
  2. @sbrannen
  3. @sdeleuze

    Fix SockJsServiceTests

    sdeleuze authored
    Issue: SPR-12422
  4. @sdeleuze
Commits on Jul 1, 2015
  1. @sbrannen

    Introduce DirtiesContextBeforeModesTestExecutionListener

    sbrannen authored
    SPR-12429 introduced various `BEFORE_*` modes in `@DirtiesContext`. To
    support these new modes, `DirtiesContextTestExecutionListener` (DCTEL)
    was updated to support both `BEFORE_*` and `AFTER_*` modes. However,
    there is a problem with having DCTEL support `BEFORE_*` modes since it
    is typically configured to execute after the
    `DependencyInjectionTestExecutionListener` (DITEL), and this leads to
    several undesired side effects:
     - The test's `ApplicationContext` is closed by DCTEL *after*
       dependencies have been injected into the test instance.
     - Injected dependencies may therefore attempt to interact with an
       `ApplicationContext` that is no longer _active_.
     - If a test has its `ApplicationContext` injected as a dependency,
       interaction with the context will likely fail since the context has
       been closed.
     - Any `TestExecutionListeners` registered after DCTEL will get a _new_
       `ApplicationContext` if they invoke `getApplicationContext()` on the
    This commit fixes these issues by introducing a new
    `DirtiesContextBeforeModesTestExecutionListener` (DCBMTEL) that is
    registered by default before DITEL. The previous support for `BEFORE_*`
    modes has been moved from DCTEL to DCBMTEL. In addition, an
    `AbstractDirtiesContextTestExecutionListener` has been extracted from
    DCTEL in order to avoid code duplication.
    Issue: SPR-13180
Commits on Jun 30, 2015
  1. @rstoyanchev

    Check HTTP method before raising 415

    rstoyanchev authored
    This commit moves the check whether an HTTP method supports request
    body up to the base class so that all sub-classes can benefit (not just
    Issue: SPR-13176
  2. @bclozel

    Fix @RequestBody argument processing for null Content-Type

    bclozel authored
    Since the changes introduced in SPR-12778, some `@RequestBody` args
    would not be properly processed in some cases:
    * requests with an empty body
    * no Content-Type header defined
    This typically happens when GET requests are mapped on a handler dealing
    with POST requests and HTTP bodies.
    This change makes sure that the `RequestResponseBodyMethodProcessor` is
    only involved for requests that:
    * have a Content-Type defined
    * OR are HTTP requests eligible for an HTTP body (PUT, POST, PATCH)
    Issue: SPR-13176
    Fixes spring-projects/spring-boot#3313
  3. @rstoyanchev

    Polish tests

    rstoyanchev authored
  4. @sbrannen

    Update required email dependencies in reference manual

    sbrannen authored
    Beginning with Java 6, the JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF) is part
    of the JDK. Thus, there is no longer a need to explicitly include a
    dependency on `activation.jar` when using Spring's email support in
    Spring Framework 4.0 and higher which anyway requires Java 6 or higher.
    This commit therefore removes the JAF requirement from the reference
  5. @jhoeller

    Javadoc fine-tuning for 4.2

    jhoeller authored
  6. @jhoeller

    XML parsing tests pass on non-English locales now, plus a revised exc…

    jhoeller authored
    …eption message and some minor polishing
    Issue: SPR-13136
    (cherry picked from commit 38b8262)
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