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Spring Integration provides an extension of the Spring programming model to support the well-known Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP)
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Latest commit 7628cc5 @artembilan artembilan INT-3950: Fix `Aggregator` documentation

Previously there was a mention of the `MessageGroupStore.expireMessageGroup(groupId)` which just doesn't existing
in the Framework and never has been there.

* Fix the documentation for the existing `MessageGroupStore.expireMessageGroups(timeout)`.
Although the mention there of `Control Bus` requires to have `@ManagedOperation` on the method.

* Add `@ManagedOperation` for the `MessageGroupStore.expireMessageGroups(timeout)` and confirm with the test-case: `AggregatorWithMessageStoreParserTests`
* Fix the same docs in the XSD for `<aggregator>`
* Fix other typos in the `aggregator.adoc` and `resequencer.adoc`
Failed to load latest commit information.
gradle/wrapper INT-3780: Update to Gradle 2.5
spring-integration-amqp/src INT-3926: Add `<poller>` for all `outbound` tags
spring-integration-bom INT-3397 Add spring-integration-bom
spring-integration-core/src INT-3950: Fix `Aggregator` documentation
spring-integration-event/src INT-3665: Remove Deprecations and Resolve Issues
spring-integration-feed/src Prepare Master for 4.3
spring-integration-file INT-3574: Polishing
spring-integration-ftp INT-3926: Add `<poller>` for all `outbound` tags
spring-integration-gemfire/src INT-3917: Gemfire tests polishing
spring-integration-groovy/src Code Polishing (Sonar)
spring-integration-http/src Fix `CrossOriginTests`for SF-4.3 compatibility
spring-integration-ip/src INT-3869: Fix MBeanServer Detection
spring-integration-jdbc Fix JDBC test for the HSQLDB Dead Lock
spring-integration-jms/src Protect `JmsOutboundGateway` against NPE
spring-integration-jmx/src INT-3898: Fix `<xsd:all>` usage
spring-integration-jpa/src INT-3926: Add `<poller>` for all `outbound` tags
spring-integration-mail/src INT-799: Remove Core Deps from s-i-test
spring-integration-mongodb/src INT-3950: Fix `Aggregator` documentation
spring-integration-mqtt/src INT-3881: MQTT: add XML `recovery-interval`attr
spring-integration-redis INT-3939: Consistency for Redis Queue Gateways
spring-integration-rmi/src Prepare Master for 4.3
spring-integration-scripting/src Fix Jsr223InboundChannelAdapterTests
spring-integration-security/src INT-3665: Remove Deprecations and Resolve Issues
spring-integration-sftp Fix SFTP tests to use OS selection port
spring-integration-stomp/src INT-3897: Fix deadlock in the StompMessageHandler
spring-integration-stream/src Prepare Master for 4.3
spring-integration-syslog/src Code Polishing (Sonar)
spring-integration-test/src SocketUtils: Fix the multi port function for `0`
spring-integration-twitter/src Code Polishing (Sonar)
spring-integration-websocket/src INT-3916: Don't Use CTOR Injection in FactoryBean
spring-integration-ws/src INT-3933: HTTP & WS Inbound Lifecycle Handling
spring-integration-xml/src INT-3902: XML: SmartLifecycle, Order Attributes
spring-integration-xmpp/src INT-3916: Don't Use CTOR Injection in FactoryBean
spring-integration-zookeeper/src INT-3926: Add `<poller>` for all `outbound` tags
src INT-3950: Fix `Aggregator` documentation
.gitignore INT-3352 RedisLockRegistry
.travis.yml INT-3780: Update to Gradle 2.5
CODE_OF_CONDUCT.adoc Add Contributor Covenant
CONTRIBUTING.adoc Add Contributor Covenant INT-3777: Update Preface Compatibility Info
build.gradle Downgrade to ActiveMQ-5.12.2 for IO compatibility Prepare Master for 4.3
gradlew INT-2907: Upgrade to Gradle 1.4
gradlew.bat INT-2681 - Upgrade to Gradle 1.0 GA
publish-maven.gradle INT-3516: Allow `Optional<>` in POJO Method Args
settings.gradle INT-3685: Introduce STOMP Adapters

Spring Integration

Checking out and Building

To check out the project and build from source, do the following:

git clone git://
cd spring-integration
./gradlew build

NOTE: While Spring Integration runs with Java SE 6 or higher, a Java 8 compiler is required to build the project.

If you encounter out of memory errors during the build, increase available heap and permgen for Gradle:

GRADLE_OPTS='-XX:MaxPermSize=1024m -Xmx1024m'

To build and install jars into your local Maven cache:

./gradlew install

To build api Javadoc (results will be in build/api):

./gradlew api

To build reference documentation (results will be in build/reference):

./gradlew reference

To build complete distribution including -dist, -docs, and -schema zip files (results will be in build/distributions)

./gradlew dist

Using Eclipse

To generate Eclipse metadata (.classpath and .project files), do the following:

./gradlew eclipse

Once complete, you may then import the projects into Eclipse as usual:

File -> Import -> Existing projects into workspace

Browse to the 'spring-integration' root directory. All projects should import free of errors.

Using IntelliJ IDEA

To generate IDEA metadata (.iml and .ipr files), do the following:

./gradlew idea


For more information, please visit the Spring Integration website at:

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