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@garyrussell garyrussell released this Oct 1, 2019 · 17 commits to master since this release

Change log:

da9dc28 GH-1225: @kl - skip conversion when not needed
f86110e Fix Sonar issues
ba6adea Upgrade Spring and Micrometer versions
05ee48c @embeddedkafka javadoc polishing
fa723bc GH-1254: Fix javadoc
910233e GH-1254: Configurable Embedded Zookeeper Port
2115cf6 Fix new Sonar smells
0d45644 GH-1252: Add more consumer lifecycle events
e90d9e6 Upgrade to Jackson 2.10
594d005 DefaultKafkaHeaderMapper Improvement
ae711a8 GH-1247: Polishing
525c8a8 GH-1247: Only wake consumer while polling
a32b3b9 Fix new Sonar smells
5e002b5 Doc Polishing
2bc0775 Upgrade to Reactor Dysprosium-RELEASE
220a5aa GH-1244: ReplyingKTemplate reply timeout per send
8f4ca4a Add Micrometer Timers to the KMLContainer
1224ddf Fix JavaDoc warning; downgrade ASCIIDoc plugin
9d6628b Upgrade dependencies (#1241)
0baa447 Pull Up Consumer Properties
4f8fa13 GH-1234: Fix FailedRecordTracker
13ae385 Fix Sonar issue
5c96d3f GH-1231: KafkaTestUtils Enhancements

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