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core-tiger Excluding generated source from sonar analysis. Including integration…
core LDAP-329: Additional Depenency Updates
etc LDAP-56: Server setup script for EC2 OpenLDAP server and keystore for…
gradle LDAP-332: Update to Gradle 2.4
ldif LDAP-329: Upgrade a number of dependencies to latest maintenance rele…
lib Moved everything from mvn-build to trunk root.
odm LDAP-329: Upgrade a number of dependencies to latest maintenance rele…
parent LDAP-251: Some additional tweaks to the gradle build
samples Update pom.xml to development versions
sandbox LDAP-257: More JUnit style cleanup.
src LDAP-331: Fix deploy of reference
test-support LDAP-329: Upgrade a number of dependencies to latest maintenance rele…
test LDAP-328: DirtiesContext for Integration Tests that have Order issues
.gitignore LDAP-279: Initial version of complete user admin application. Add contributor guidelines
build.gradle LDAP-331: Fix deploy of reference
changelog.txt LDAP-181: Changed log level to debug for missing 'returnObjFlag'. Next development version
gradlew LDAP-324: Update to Gradle 2.3
gradlew.bat LDAP-324: Update to Gradle 2.3
license.txt Updated copyright notice.
notice.txt Moved everything from mvn-build to trunk root. Correct name of spring-ldap-core-tiger module
settings.gradle LDAP-279: Configuration tweaks. Removed simple-odm sample. Changed to new property skipTests.

Spring LDAP


Spring LDAP is a library to simplify LDAP programming in Java, built on the same principles as Spring Jdbc.

The LdapTemplate class encapsulates all the plumbing work involved in traditional LDAP programming, such as creating, looping through NamingEnumerations, handling Exceptions and cleaning up resources. This leaves the programmer to handle the important stuff - where to find data (DNs and Filters) and what do do with it (map to and from domain objects, bind, modify, unbind, etc.), in the same way that JdbcTemplate relieves the programmer of all but the actual SQL and how the data maps to the domain model.

In addition to this, Spring LDAP provides Exception translation from NamingExceptions to an unchecked exception hirearchy, as well as several utilities for working with filters, LDAP paths and Attributes.

For detailed information on the project, please refer to the reference documentation and javadocs. See the changelog for detailed information on changes in the latest version.


All major releases of this library are available in the central Maven repository. The following components are available:

  • spring-ldap-core - the core Spring LDAP library
  • spring-ldap-core-tiger - the Spring LDAP Java 5 support library
  • spring-ldap-test - support classes that helps LDAP with integration testing
  • spring-ldap-ldif-core - the Spring LDAP LDIF parsing library
  • spring-ldap-ldif-batch - the Spring Batch integration layer for the LDIF parsing library
  • spring-ldap-odm - The Object-Directory Mapping (ODM) framework

To include e.g. the spring-ldap-core component in your project, use the following dependency tag:


Milestone releases (such as release candidates) are available from the Spring framework milestone repo:

  <name>Spring Portfolio Milestone Repository</name>

Snapshot builds produced by the CI builds are available from the Spring framework snapshot repo:

  <name>Spring Portfolio Milestone Repository</name>

In order to e.g. try out the latest build snapshot of the core module, include the repository above and use the following dependency tag:


Note that while all milestone and snapshot builds have passed the (quite extensive) test suite, the artifacts here are obviously still work in progress. Feel free to use them for trying out new functionality and bug fixes for an upcoming version. Please report any problems or bugs in the issue tracker.


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