Spryker DevVM (development vm)


Spryker OS - Reference repository for DevVM

This repository contains Vagrantfile which is responsible for setting up initial state of the Dev VM. Provisioning of the machine is done using SaltStack.

Please refer to the Installation guide to install Spryker.

This repository contains:

  • saltstack - SaltStack implementation for provisioning reference infrastructure for development
  • pillar - Pillar configuration values used by SaltStack
  • Vagrantfile(s) used by Vagrant for managing local VirtualBox VMs


  • VirtualBox >= 5.2.x
  • Vagrant >= 2.0.1
  • vagrant-hostmanager plugin

VM Settings

The VM will start with the default configuration for project demoshop and IP If you would like to change project name, you need to edit Vagrantfile and change value of variable VM_PROJECT (ie. to demoshop, project) and VM_IP - last digit. The IP address must be unique, so each VM on your workstation must have unique IP address. You should also adjust VM_DOMAIN to the value that corresponds to your config_default-development hostnames. If you do not specify value of VM_DOMAIN, it will take the value from VM_PROJECT.

As an example, for default VM_PROJECT=demoshop - following hostnames will be generated:


Version tree and lifecycle

After release ci-119 we decided to stop using auto-incremented release numbers and switch to semantic versioning. Next version becomes 1.0.0. We follow git-flow - branch master is used to release tested features, where branch develop is used for release candidates (tags like v2.0.0-RC1) and is merged into master whenever we officialy release new version, after internal QA process.


1.x.x is old stable version, with PHP 7.1 and Elasticsearch 2.x


2.x.x is non-backward-compatible version, which includes PHP 7.2 and Elasticsearch 5.x

Customizing the VM

PHP development modules

The PHP module xdebug are pre-installed on the DevVM, but not enabled by default. To enable it, use the following commands:

# Enable XDebug
sudo -i bash -c "phpenmod -v 7.2 -s cli -m xdebug; phpenmod -v 7.2 -s fpm -m xdebug; service php7.2-fpm restart"

# Disable XDebug
sudo -i bash -c "phpdismod -v 7.2 -s cli -m xdebug; phpdismod -v 7.2 -s fpm -m xdebug; service php7.2-fpm restart"