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A base application for prototyping ruby apps quickly.

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Sinatra Prototype (in development)

A Sinatra application

This is a simple sinatra application for rapid web app prototyping which has been configured to be hosted on the amazing Heroku Platform. Runs on both:

  • bamboo-ree-1.8.7 stack
  • bamboo-mri-1.9.2 stack

The application comes with jQuery 1.5.1 loaded from Google Ajax Libraries

Current Gems

  • Sinatra
  • Sinatra-mongoid
  • Bson_ext ( for mongoDB performance )
  • Haml ( for SASS )
  • Slim
  • Rspec 2
  • Cucumber
  • Capybara
  • Rack-Test


This application is released under the MIT licence.

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