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Awesome note taking.
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Stories in Ready

Current version: 2.0

Springseed is the simple and easy way to take your notes.


A fairly up-to-date build is available here.

  1. Extract into its own directory.
  2. ./ should download atom-shell, extract it, then run the app.

If there are any issues, please don't hesitate to submit a bug report.

Preparing Springseed

Springseed is now based on the awesome work of the people at GitHub and as such we use the fantastic electron framework to get stuff done.

Installing electron

(If you already have electron jump to the next section)

Latest builds of electron are available here.

  • Download the appropriate file based on your operating system and the system architecture.
  • Unzip the downloaded file. This must create an executable file named electron.

Building this code

We have introduced a new build system based on the GNU Makefile build system. Should the build below fail, you should run make clean before trying again because some make operations won't complete if they've errored. Nothing we can do to fix this. 😄

sudo gem install sass
git submodule update --init

Running Springseed

To start Springseed, run the command <path-to-electron-executable>/electron <springseed-build-directory> where <springseed-build-directory> is the directory where you executed the three commands in Building this code section

If you're feeling awesome, you should contribute either with code or a donation. Check out the issue tracker and tackle an issue.

Springseed is written in CoffeeScript and uses Spine.JS for MVC.

Official website

Copyright © 2013-2014 Caffeinated Code
Copyright © 2014 Hestia

Open source under the MIT license.

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