Spud Engine For managing files via local storage or s3 using paperclip.
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Spud Media

Spud Media is an engine for managing documents and other miscellaneous media files, designed for use with Spud.


  1. In your Gemfile add the following

    gem 'spud_media'

  2. Run bundle install

  3. Copy in database migrations to your new rails project

    bundle exec rake railties:install:migrations rake db:migrate

  4. Run a rails server instance and point your browser to /spud/admin


Spud Photos accepts the following configuration options:

Spud::Media.configure do |config|

    # s3 storage requires the 'aws-sdk' gem. defaults to filesystem
    config.paperclip_storage = :s3
    config.s3_credentials = "#{Rails.root}/config/s3.yml"

# see below for notes on 'storage_path_protected'
    config.storage_path = "public/system/spud_media/:id/:style/:basename.:extension"
    config.storage_path_protected = "public/system/spud_media_protected/:id/:style/:basename.:extension"
    config.storage_url = "/system/spud_media/:id/:style/:basename.:extension"

File Protection

Spud Media allows for individual files to be marked as protected. How this is actually implemented depends on whether you are using the local file system or Amazon S3 for file storage.


Unprotected files are stored under /public/system/spud_media and are accessed directly by the web server. No further configuration is required, though you may customize the storage location if desired using config.storage_path.

Protected files are moved to public/system/spud_media_protected. Note that the public-facing download URL should not reflect the protected storage path. Instead the user will hit the same URL as before, but this time their request will hit the show action of the ProtectedMedia controller.

It is up to the individual developer to make sure that the protected storage path is not accessible by the public. You may choose to protect this folder via server configurations, or you can move the folder out of the document root using config.storage_path_protected.

Amazon S3

Files marked as unprotected will be uploaded to Amazon using the public_read ACL. These files are accessed directly - ie, calling @media.attachment_url will link directly to Amazon.

Files marked as protected are uploaded using the private ACL. In this case, calling @media.attachment_url will return a local URL that hits the show action of our ProtectedMedia controller. Once we have verified the user is logged in we generate a secure URL and redirect the user to it. The generated URL is good for 10 minutes.


Spud uses RSpec for testing. Get the tests running with a few short commands:

  1. Create and migrate the databases:

     rake db:create
     rake db:migrate
  2. Load the schema in to the test database:

     rake app:db:test:prepare
  3. Run the tests with RSpec

     rspec spec

After the tests have completed the current code coverage stats is available by opening /coverage/index.html in a browser.