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wvlib - word vector library

Work in progress, not currently recommended for any use.

Try the following:

Find 10 words closest to "protein" using word2vec vectors induced on the text8 demo data

echo protein | python nearest.py text8.tar.gz -n 10

Find word that has the same relationship to "japan" as "paris" has to "france"

echo 'france paris japan' | python analogy.py text8.tar.gz -q -n 1

Evaluate the vectors on the binary classification task using words from McIntosh and Curran "Reducing semantic drift with bagging and distributional similarity" (ACL 2009)

python evalclass.py text8.tar.gz word-classes/McIC-09/*.txt

Evaluate the vectors on the closed-class member retrieval task using the set of standard amino acids

python evalset.py text8.tar.gz word-sets/Ohta-bio-sets/standard-amino-acids.txt

The rest of this README is TODO. See scripts for documentation.