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telive - Tetra Live Monitor (c) 2014-2015 Jacek Lipkowski sq5bpf@lipkowski.org

telive is a program which can be used to display information like signalling, calls etc from a Tetra network. It is also possible to log the signalling information, listen to the audio in realtime and to record the audio. Playing the audio and recompressing it into ogg is done via external scripts.

Please read telive_doc.pdf, either in this directory or here: https://github.com/sq5bpf/telive/raw/master/telive_doc.pdf

----------- Disclaimer ----------

The program is licenced under GPL v3 (license text is also included in the file LICENSE). I may not be held responsible for anything associated with the use of this tool.

This was a quick hack written in my spare time, and for my own pleasure, and because of this the code is really ugly. The code is also based on wrong assumptions - using the usage identifier as the key is not a good way of following calls (but it works most of the time). Maybe one day this will be rewritten to look better (or not).