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jsmin - PHP extension for JavaScript minification

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This extension adds Douglas Crockford's jsmin functionality to PHP.


This extension currently works with PHP 5.3.10+. Support for older versions of PHP is not provided.



You can install this extension by using the pecl command:

pecl install jsmin

Via source

To install via source, clone this repo and then run the following:

$ cd /path/to/source
$ phpize
$ ./configure
$ make install clean

Then, move the built module to your extensions directory.

Via Homebrew (OSX)

For those on OSX, you can use Homebrew to manage PHP versions. Included is the jsmin extension.

Take a look at Homebrew PHP for installation notes.

Thanks to Jon Whitcraft for pushing the definition for jsmin to the project.

Enable extension

You will want to enable the extension in php.ini by adding:



Using jsmin is simple.

Function: jsmin

Use this function to minify JavaScript. It accepts a single string argument.


$javascript = <<<JS
 * My JavaScript Library

var notes = "jsmin is easy!";

echo jsmin($javascript);

Example output is the following:

var notes="jsmin is easy!";

You can also retrieve the latest error by passing by reference to the second argument:

jsmin($javascript, $error);

Function: jsmin_last_error

Returns error code of last call to jsmin().

Function: jsmin_last_error_msg

Returns an error message (string) for the last call to jsmin().


  • JSMIN_ERROR_NONE - No errors.
  • JSMIN_ERROR_UNTERMINATED_STRING - Unterminated string.
  • JSMIN_ERROR_UNTERMINATED_COMMENT - Unterminated comment.
  • JSMIN_ERROR_UNTERMINATED_REGEX - Unterminated regex.


Discovery Communications developed a similar extension in-house for minifying bundled JavaScript.

I decided to take the most recent source from Douglas Crockford's JSMin and port / manage the extension for PECL.