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Squanchy Android [ARCHIVED]

Master CI Apache 2 license

Note: this project has been archived an put in read-only mode. No further features nor fixes are coming. If you're interested in taking over as maintainer please get in touch on Twitter.

Squanchy is an open source platform for conferences. The source code for the Firebase backend and for the Flutter port of the app is available in other repositories of this organisation.

Documentation is available on The project is maintained by independent contributors (see

Setting up the app

Starting your own conference app is easy and requires little effort, but you need to prepare some files. See docs/ for detailed instructions.

Please note that this app uses some third party services:

  • Firebase (Firestore, Push messages, etc.)
  • Fabric: Crashlytics

While not all of them are strictly necessary for the app to work (with the exception of Firebase's RTDB), it is currently not possible for the code to work without them. We plan on eventually abstracting away the implementations so that they would simply be disabled if there is no API configured, but we haven't done it yet. If you need to use Squanchy without some of those implementations, please feel free to make them optional and contribute back to mainline your changes.

Git hooks

The project uses Detekt and KtLint to validate Kotlin code before committing. This is done with a Git pre-commit hook, which is automatically installed by Gradle when the clean or assemble tasks are run. You can also install the hook manually from Gradle by executing the installGitHooks task on the root project: $ ./gradlew installGitHooks.

If you wish to commit code that is failing this test for whatever reason, you can use the --no-verify flag when committing with git. Please note that if you don't address the issues before pushing, the CI will fail the build.


Squanchy Android is released under Apache 2.0 licence. See the LICENSE file.

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