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<p>Dependency injection isn't just for testing. It also makes it easy to create <strong>reusable, interchangeable modules</strong>. You can share the same <code>AuthenticationModule</code> across all of your apps. And you can run <code>DevLoggingModule</code> during development and <code>ProdLoggingModule</code> in production to get the right behavior in each situation.</p>
+<p>For more information, <a href="">watch an introductory talk</a> by Jesse Wilson at QCon 2012.</p>
<h3>Using Dagger</h3>
<p>We'll demonstrate dependency injection and Dagger by building a coffee maker. For complete sample code that you can compile and run, see Dagger's <a href="">coffee example</a>.</p>
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+ color: #89B8C7;
a:hover {
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