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This repository hosts issues issues and assets related to the Squeak object memory. This means that this GitHub location is used for issue tracking for the Squeak Smalltalk system ( You can reach this page via

Note that many (if not most) issues and development concerns are handled directly on the squeak-dev mailing list ( with updates and contributions incorporated through our development process (

Issues that may require longer term discussion or coordination may be tracked here in squeak-object-memory.

The term "object memory" is used here to reflect the entire Squeak system (consisting of an object memory image plus a virtual machine as its execution engine). Issues that are specific to the virtual machine may be separately tracked at

Issue Tags

Only repository maintainers can assign labels/tags to issues. Yet, all people can use labels/tags to filter issues.

We organize issue tags in 3 groups: WHAT, SCOPE, RATING. Each issue should have at least a WHAT and a SCOPE tag. A RATING tag can also help clarify whether that issue is, for example, very simple or very hard or not relevant anymore. There is no rating for unknown or common importance of an issue.

The WHAT tags are typical:

  • bug
  • enhancement
  • tests
  • documentation

Note that the tag color of "tests" and "documentation" is the same as both split a similar WHAT into distinct parts. See each tag's description for more information.

The SCOPE tags are color-coded as well to indicate sub-groups:


The YELLOW scope tags deal with groups of Squeak-specific components auch as Morphic or Etoys or "tools and libraries" in general.

The ORANGE scope tags deal with things that are actually outside the "Squeak object memory" such as issues that (also) tackle the OpenSmalltalk VM.

The GREEN scope tags deal with our target group: user or programmer. This may be important to assess the urgency of an issue.