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In the following, $LANGUAGE stands for :
an ISO 639 two-letter language code, example : fr
or an ISO 639 two-letter language code + an ISO 3166 two-letter country code, example : pt_BR
msginit, msgmerge and msgfmt can be found in the package gettext
* check for latest translations first in the git repository :;a=tree;f=po
The git repository contains the latest translations, but they should NOT be edited
directly, because the strings they contain are not necessary up to date.
So either update them like described below, or use files from
that should contain the .po updated with the strings from the latest git, ready to be edited.
* to edit existing translations :
- create the gmusicbrowser.pot file :
- merge with existing translations :
msgmerge -s -U $LANGUAGE.po gmusicbrowser.pot
where $LANGUAGE is your language code
add the -N option to prevent guesses (marked as fuzzy)
- edit $LANGUAGE.po
* to create a translation for a new language :
- create the gmusicbrowser.pot file :
- rename gmusicbrowser.pot to $LANGUAGE.po
- edit the headers of $LANGUAGE.po
- msginit can be used in place of the last 2 steps :
msginit -i gmusicbrowser.pot -l $LANGUAGE
(in particular msginit will take care of setting up plurals for your language)
* to test your translations :
- generate the .mo file :
msgfmt -c -o $LANGUAGE.po
- put either in /usr/share/locale/$LANGUAGE/LC_MESSAGES for installed version
or in locale/$LANGUAGE/LC_MESSAGES/ for non-installed version
* to send me translations, mail the $LANGUAGE.po to
And tell me what name and (optionally) email I should credit the translation (both in git and in the about box).
No need to send the .mo file.
Don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.
* translation updates will be cleaned-up by "msgattrib --no-location --translated --sort-output --no-fuzzy"
to minimize useless changes in the commit