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fix some cases where HP/VP did not restore their size correctly
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squentin committed Jun 30, 2010
1 parent a453885 commit 7c1935dd56227f07c36cac7b35a2e22593e0c996
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@@ -1689,6 +1689,10 @@ sub PanedNew
{ my ($class,$opt)=@_;
my $pane=$class->new;
($pane->{pos1},$pane->{pos2})=split /_/,$opt if $opt;
if (defined $pane->{pos1})
{ $pane->set_position($pane->{pos1});
$pane->set('position-set',1); # in case $pane->{pos1}==0 'position-set' is not set to true if child1's size is 0 (which is the case here as child1 doesn't exist yet)
$pane->set_position($pane->{pos1}) if defined $pane->{pos1};
$pane->{SaveOptions}=sub { $_[0]{pos1}.'_'.$_[0]{pos2} };
$pane->signal_connect(size_allocate => \&Paned_size_cb ); #needed to correctly behave when a child is hidden

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