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MIT licensed


Ivy-YouTube is a simple plugin to query YouTube via emacs and play videos in your browser.

IMPORTANT: Remeber to set your 'ivy-youtube-key' variable!

Based on Helm-Youtube

This package was based on Maximilian Roquemore's package called helm-youtube. Thanks Maximilian to create this awesome package.


The installation process is very simple:

  • M-x package-install: ivy-youtube

  • Obtain new google API key here


    • To create this API key you need to go to Credentials -> Create Credentials and select API Key
    • After create you need to enable it: go to Library, select YouTube Data API and click in Enable button on top.
  • IMPORTANT: Set 'ivy-youtube-key' variable

    M-x customize-variable ;; search 'ivy-youtube-key'
    Ivy Youtube Key: replace "NONE" with "API KEY" ;; FROM STEP 2

Where do you want to play the video?

By default Ivy Youtube play the selected video in your default browser, but you can configure that:

Change the default brownser:

Set browse-url-generic and add to .emacs

;;start ivy-youtube.el
(autoload 'ivy-youtube "ivy-youtube" nil t)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c y") 'ivy-youtube) ;; bind hotkey

;;set default browser for you will use to play videos/default generic
(setq browse-url-browser-function 'browse-url-generic)
(setq browse-url-generic-program "google-chrome-open-url")

Using an external player (beta)

You can set a external player to watch your videos, like mpv or vlc. To do that you need to set the custom varialble ivy-youtube-play-at: M-x customize-variable<RET>ivy-youtube-play-at<RET>. You can set in this field any binary that receives the youtube url as parameter like: /usr/bin/mpv or /usr/bin/vlc.


Search for an Youtube video inside Emacs with Ivy





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