Didactic Flux-like ES6 Todo app written using Riot.
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Flux-like Riot Todo Application

This minimalist didactic application is written using the React-like Riot UI library:

  • Written in ES6.
  • Compiled using 6to5.
  • Bundled with Webpack.
  • Uses browser LocalStorage for persistence.

The app is a port of my Flux Backbone Todos Example and I wrote it to learn and evaluate Riot.

Live Demo

Differences between this application and the Flux Backbone Todos Example

  1. Uses Riot UI library instead of React.
  2. Uses RiotControl (slightly modified) instead of the Flux dispatcher.
  3. Writes to browser LocalStorage directly instead of using Backbone.js.

Apart from that the application functionality and architecture is the same.

Building and Running

The app is developed and built in a node/npm environment. To install and run:

  1. Make sure you have node and npm installed.

  2. Clone the Github repo:

     git clone https://github.com/srackham/riot-todo.git
  3. Install npm dependencies:

     cd riot-todo
     npm install
  4. Build the app dist/bundle.js bundle:

  5. Start the app in a server:

     npm start
  6. Open your Web browser at http://localhost:8888/.