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Build Status lookout analyzer: gometalint

A lookout analyzer implementation that uses gometalinter.

Disclaimer: This is not an official product, but can be used to verify that your lookout installation is working.

This analyzer only enables the gometalinter checks that are file-level, and skips directory- and package-level checks. The currently-enabled linters are (from gometalint.go):


make packages

will produce binaries for multiple architectures under ./build.


Requires stable version of gometalinter.v2 binary avabilable in PATH.

To install, do

go get -u
gometalinter.v2 --install

This will also install a number of linter binaries, vendored by gometalinter.

Example of utilization

With lookout-sdk binary from the latest release of SDK

$ lookout-gometalint

$ lookout-sdk review --log-level=debug \
    --from c99dcdff172f1cb5505603a45d054998cb4dd606 \
    --to 3a9d78bdd1139c929903885ecb8f811931b8aa70


Variable Default Description
GOMETALINT_HOST IP address to bind the gRCP serve
GOMETALINT_PORT 9930 Port to bind the gRPC server
GOMETALINT_DATA_SERVICE_URL ipv4://localhost:10301 gRPC URL of the Data service
GOMETALINT_LOG_LEVEL info Logging level ("info", "debug", "warning" or "error")



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