Simple installer for phpenv, leveraging the sstephenson/rbenv project at its core, with optional installation of the php-build and php-conf plug-ins.
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Installer for phpenv, which leverages the great sstephenson/rbenv project at its core (with optional installation of the php-build and php-conf plug-ins). Additionally, the required build-deps for PHP can be installed during script execution.


Single Command Install: You can use this installer script without cloning the repository yourself by calling the following command:

curl -s | bash

Clone Repository Yourself: Alternatively, you can clone the repository yourself and execute the installer script:

git clone --recurse-submodules
bash phpenv/bin/phpenv-installer.bash

phpenv Usage

The command sets up a separate rbenv for usage with PHP. This environment is stored in the $HOME/.phpenv directory and contains a phpenv executable which sets the PHPENV_ROOT environment variable to $HOME/.phpenv.

To install PHP versions, you can either put compiled version within the $HOME/.phpenv/versions directory, or (if you installed the php-build plug-in) you can use the following commands:

phpenv install -l     # list available versions
phpenv install 7.1.13 # installed php version 7.1.13
phpenv rehash         # refresh installed versions
phpenv global 7.1.13  # set 7.1.13 as global active version
php -v                # outputs version 7.1.13 info
phpenv global system  # go back to the system-installed php version