A native Scala library for using Sqlite3
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scalaqlite - A native Scala library for using Sqlite3

I recently wanted to use Sqlite from within Scala for a little project I'm
working on, and I couldn't find any Scala libraries for doing so.  There are
Java libraries out there, but they're all very Java-ish, and I'm not crazy
about Java.

This library is intended to give a very Scala-ish interface to Sqlite.  For
example, you can use the follwing code to print all the rows in table "foo"
with the columns separated by spaces:

    for (row <- db.query("SELECT * FROM foo;"))
        println(row.map(_.toString).mkString(" "))

Or if you want to add up the values of the first column, you can do this:

    for (row <- db.query("SELECT * FROM foo;")) {
        row(0) match {
            case SqlInt(i) => sum += i
            case _ => throw new Exception("expected an int")

I'm pretty new to Scala, and I haven't written much Java in the last few
years, so this library is definitely a work in progress.  Please send
constructive feedback, and please be tolerant of interface changes as the
library matures.

Note that sbt doesn't handle setting java.library.path yet, so you have to run
the tests like this:

  LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./target/native sbt test

If you want to avoid compiling the native code and setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH, at
the cost of some performance, check out the jna branch.