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Sass Boilerplate Yeoman Generator

Build Status SASS Boilerplate Yeoman Generator

A SASS (SCSS) generator for Yeoman. Quickly scaffolds out new SCSS files for a new project.

Getting started

  1. Make sure you have yo installed: npm install -g yo
  2. Install the generator: npm install -g generator-sass-boilerplate
  3. Run: yo sass-boilerplate
  4. Follow the prompts, inserting your user information as needed

Why It's Awesome

  • Variable names are auto-generated to match the project name. All variables are prefixed with the project name. This is great for auto-completion (in PHPStorm, WebStorm, SublimeText 2/3, most modern IDEs)
  • Author snippet at the beginning of each file with timestamp, copyright, package name, and description
  • Scaffolds out SCSS helpers based off of my sass boilerplate. Allows for leaner, better CSS. Optionally includes animation mixins and helpers.
  • Icon names are included when you decide to use basic Icomoon icons. You can easily change an element into an icon by doing @extend .icon-name
  • Quickly scaffold out your new app's styles with the ability to include/exclude files: default styles, CSS3 menu styles, form styles, type styles, and Eric Meyer's reset.


MIT License