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@@ -22,8 +22,31 @@ make doing simple data analysis in Groovy quite powerful and in some cases
compares very favorably to doing it in other languages. Combined with the
Groovy Shell, it becomes quite useful for interactive data analysis.
Building and Using It
Quick Try Out
Graxxia is now available from Maven Central! That means you can use it without any download or
compile via the @Grab annotation. To give Graxxia a try, start a Groovy shell:
Then enter the following:
groovy:000> @Grab('org.graxxia:graxxia:0.9')
groovy:001> import graxxia.*
groovy:001> m = new Matrix([[3,4,5],[6,2,3]])
===> 2x3 Matrix:
0: 3 4 5
1: 6 2 3
The @Grab line may take a while depending on whether you already downloaded
any of Graxxia's dependencies or not. It will only be slow the first time you
run it.
Building and Using It from Source
It's pretty straight forward:
Check out the code:

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