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If true, add roms that are not found as an empty gamelist entry.


If the gamelist file already exists, skip files that are already listed and only append new files.


If false, don't download any images, instead see if the expected file is stored locally already. (default true)

-extra_ext string

Comma separated list of extensions to also include in the scraper.

-gdb_img string

Comma seperated order to prefer images, s=snapshot, b=boxart, f=fanart, a=banner, l=logo. (default "b")

-hash_file file

The file containing hash information.

-image_dir directory

The directory to place downloaded images to locally. (default "images")

-image_path path

The path to use for images in gamelist.xml. (default "images")

-image_suffix suffix

The suffix added after rom name when creating image files. (default "-image")

-img_format jpg or png

jpg or png, the format to write the images. (default "jpg")


This limits the number of images that can be decompressed at the same time. This should help with lower memory systems that want to process the full size jpeg files.


If true we want to run in MAME mode.

-mame_img string

Comma separated order to prefer images, s=snap, t=title, m=marquee, c=cabniet. (default "s,t,m,c")

-max_width width

The max width of images. Larger images will be resized. (default 400)

-missing file

The file where information about ROMs that weren't scraped is added.


Use a nested img directory structure that matches rom structure.


Don't add thumbnails to the gamelist.


Scrape without the regions (USA, Europe, Japan etc.) in the game titles.

-output_file file

The XML file to output to. (default "gamelist.xml")


Limit the overview field in the xml


Information will be attempted to be downloaded again but won't remove roms that are not scraped.

-retries N

Retry a rom N times on an error. (default 2)

-rom_dir directory

The directory containing the roms file to process. (default ".")

-rom_path path

The path to use for roms in gamelist.xml. (default ".")


If true, scrape all systems listed in es_systems.cfg. All dir/path flags will be ignored.


Skip the check if is up.


If true, start the pprof service used to profile the application.


If true, remove all non-ascii characters. (default true)


Download the thumbnail for both the image and thumb (faster).

-thumb_suffix suffix

The suffix added after rom name when creating thumb files. (default "-thumb")


If true, use the filename minus the extension as the game title in xml.


Use the hash.csv and theGamesDB metadata. (default true)


Use the name in the No-Intro DB instead of the one in the GDB. (default true)


Use the OpenVGDB if the hash isn't in hash.csv.


Print the release version and exit.

-workers N

Use N worker threads to process roms. (default 1)

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