an external for PD and Max/MSP implementing Iannis Xenakis' Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis
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gendy~ for Pure Data and Max/MSP

Author: Spencer Russell

Gendy is an external for Pure Data and Max/MSP based on Iannis Xenakis' 
Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis. 

The library implementing DSS is decoupled from the Pure Data and Max/MSP 
external code, so it should be relatively easily embeddable in other projects.

For an excellent explanation of DSS, see Sergio Luque's master's thesis:

One of the departures from cannonical DSS is the introduction of "target waveforms" 
that the breakpoints gravitate towards. Currently only sinusoidal and square waves 
are implemented, but implementing new waveforms is trivial, I just haven't done it