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Latr—lazy TLB coherence—is a software-based TLB shootdown mechanism that can alleviate the overhead of the synchronous TLB shootdown mechanism in Linux Kernel. This repository has the modified Linux kernel and micro benchmarks used in the evaluation.

Build and install the kernel:

  - LATR was developed on Linux 4.10.
  - The Linux kernel source is available in ./src/linux/.
  - Enable LAZY_TLB_SHOOTDOWN in arch/Kconfig.
  - Build and install the kernel.

Running the micro-benchmark:

  - The mmap micro benchmark is availabe in ./microbenchmark/mmap_micro/src/.
  - build the mmap microbenchmark by:
    - make cmake
    - make
  - use in the scripts directory
    (./microbenchmark/mmap_micro/src/scripts/) to run the micro benchmark.
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