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Firefox 18+ supports String#startsWith, String#endsWith

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1 parent 4ce0b0f commit fa1f8993f23a9fb51314fd18b50698a0fef9902b @victor-homyakov victor-homyakov committed Jan 24, 2013
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  1. +3 −2 src/prototype/lang/string.js
5 src/prototype/lang/string.js
@@ -878,8 +878,9 @@ Object.extend(String.prototype, (function() {
include: include,
- startsWith: startsWith,
- endsWith: endsWith,
+ // Firefox 18+ supports String.prototype.startsWith, String.prototype.endsWith
+ startsWith: String.prototype.startsWith || startsWith,
+ endsWith: String.prototype.endsWith || endsWith,
jdalton added a note Apr 11, 2014

Should also be noted that Prototype's startsWith and endsWith does not align with ES6. It's missing support for the position argument.

jdalton added a note Apr 11, 2014

NM, I see edge has added support for position but isn't totally accurate around resolving the position.

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