multithreaded command line tool for Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3)
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This project is a clone of's s3funnel from google code: s3funnel is a multithreaded command line tool for Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3).

  • Written in Python, easy_install the package to install as an egg.
  • Supports multithreaded operations for large volumes. Put, get, or delete many items concurrently, using a fixed-size pool of threads.
  • Built on workerpool for multithreading and boto for access to the Amazon S3 API.
  • Unix-friendly input and output. Pipe things in, out, and all around.


$ s3funnel --help

s3funnel is a multithreaded tool for performing operations on Amazon's S3.

Key Operations:
    DELETE Delete key from the bucket
    GET    Get key from the bucket
    PUT    Put file into the bucket (key is the basename of the path)

Bucket Operations:
    CREATE Create a new bucket
    DROP   Delete an existing bucket (must be empty)
    LIST   List keys in the bucket. If no bucket is given, buckets will be listed.

  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  -a AWS_KEY, --aws_key=AWS_KEY
            Overrides AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID environment variable
  -s AWS_SECRET_KEY, --aws_secret_key=AWS_SECRET_KEY
            Overrides AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variable
  -t N, --threads=N     Number of threads to use [default: 1]
  -T SECONDS, --timeout=SECONDS
            Socket timeout time, 0 is never [default: 0]
  --insecure        Don't use secure (https) connection
  --list-marker=KEY     (`list` only) Start key for list operation
  --list-prefix=STRING  (`list` only) Limit results to a specific prefix
            (`list` only) Treat value as a delimiter for
            hierarchical listing
  --put-acl=ACL     (`put` only) Set the ACL permission for each file
            [default: public-read]
  --put-full-path       (`put` only) Use the full given path as the key name,
            instead of just the basename
  --put-only-new    (`put` only) Only PUT keys which don't already exist
            in the bucket with the same md5 digest
  --put-header=HEADERS  (`put` only) Add the specified header to the request
            (`copy` only) Source bucket for files
  -i FILE, --input=FILE
            Read one file per line from a FILE manifest
  -v, --verbose     Enable verbose output. Use twice to enable debug
  --version         Output version information and exit


Note: Appending the -v flag will print useful progress information to stderr. Great for learning the tool.

Create a bucket

$ s3funnel mybukkit create

List existing buckets

$ s3funnel list

Put files in a bucket

$ touch 1 2 3
$ s3funnel mybukkit put 1 2 3

List files in a bucket

$ s3funnel mybukkit list

Copy files from a bucket

$ rm 1 2 3
$ s3funnel mybukkit get 1 2 3 --threads=2
$ ls -1

Copy files from another bucket

$ s3funnel mybukkit_copy create
$ s3funnel mybukkit list | s3funnel mybukkit_copy copy --source-bucket mybukkit --threads=2 

Empty a bucket

$ s3funnel mybukkit list | s3funnel mybukkit delete 
$ s3funnel mybukkit_copy list | s3funnel mybukkit_copy delete --threads=2

Delete a bucket

$ s3funnel mybukkit drop
$ s3funnel mybukkit_copy drop