Repository for the old rolldice program I wrote back in 1999.
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rolldice is just a simple program that rolls an amount of virtual dice of
any size.  Well, technically, all the attributes of the dice can't exceed
SHRT_MAX, but I think it suffices for any normal FRPG.

rolldice is a simple program, trying to uphold the UNIX philosophy of doing
one thing, and doing that thing well.  However, this is not a claim that
rolldice cannot be improved,  only that I am satisfied with it, as of right 
now... of course, any improvements will be accepted gladly!


Compiling rolldice requires the development files of the GNU readline library.



I've had a request to add /dev/(u)random as random number input, and so 
I've added the capability to use the random number devices as random input.
The -u option gives you /dev/urandom, and the -r /dev/random.


I know I've been a little late in adding some new features, and I apologize,
but I'm sure you understand, college and all... anyway, there are two new
features in this version of rolldice: A default for the number of dice to
roll (so that strings like "d6" are possible now), and the ability to use
"d%" as a percentage roll (rolls d100).  You can also use strings like
"#d%" to roll # percentage dice at once.


New in this release is the ability to print out each separate die roll.
When using this feature, you get the following output:

[sstrickl@midkemia]:~$ rolldice -s 3d6
Roll #1: 2 4 2 = 8
[sstrickl@midkemia]:~$ rolldice -s 2x3d6
Roll #1: 5 2 6 = 13
Roll #2: 1 6 2 = 9

Easy?  I thought so! :)


I still haven't put in the option to allow multiple dice strings on the 
command line.  However, I *have* added the ability to drop a number of
lowest die rolls.  This is for all those other methods of rolling characters
under AD&D, and I'm sure other gaming systems use this sometimes ;)

Also, /dev/urandom has been made the default random number generator, and
the use of rand() has been dropped.  If you wish this method to be added
back to rolldice, just contact me and I'll do so.


I made the parser code much cleaner... this won't really affect the use of
the program, except now you can kinda shuffle sections around.  They will
still be resolved in the same order as before, however, so:

[sstrickl@midkemia]:~$ rolldice -s 3d6-1*10

results in:

Roll #1: (3 5 2) * 10 - 1 = 99


Roll #1: ((3 5 2) - 1) * 10 = 90

It's not quite that smart, sadly.

And also, finally, at long last, I've added the ability to use multiple dice
strings!  Woohoo!  So this means that unless I find or am asked to add a new
method to the dice string itself, this might be the last release of diceroll,
unless I actually do rewrite it to make it neater, find a cleaner parser
implementation, or just get bored and decide to add something else...


Changing the URL/email at the bottom of this file, both of which are outdated
since I left Georgia Tech.


Cleaning up this README a bit (or destroying history, however you want to
look at it) to get it ready for posting at Github.  Maybe one day I'll come
back to it and clean it up as much as it needs, but I'm not optimistic.


Thanks to Stéphane Blondon, there have been a few improvements in rolldice,
including the ability to pipe input from standard input.  Thanks for your


Stéphane found a regression where subtraction was handled the same as plus,
so that's fixed in this newest release.


Stéphane changed the error handling from following stdlib conventions to
BSD (sysexits.h) conventions.