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st0g1e change zone list to call transport's get_zone directly
Removed local zone list, calls roon's transport api directly for:
- get_zones, and
- get_outputs

Update the roon's Control calls to use just the zone_id instead of the full zone object
Latest commit bc3fb6e Oct 20, 2017

HTTP Calls for Roon APIs

These APIs are run by http calls. There is a list below with examples that calls these APIs.

Have tried it with iOs swift and iOS' Workflow app to create widgets.


These apis are running on Node.js. Below are the steps to install it.

  • On Windows, install from the above link.
  • On Mac OS, you can use homebrew to install Node.js.
  • On Linux, you can use your distribution's package manager, but make sure it installs a recent Node.js. Otherwise just install from the above link.

Make sure you are running node 5.x or higher.

node -v

For example:

$ node -v

Installing roon-extension-http-api

  1. Download the repository.
  1. Install
  • Copy the downloaded zip to the desired folder
  • unzip
  • open terminal/command line and change directory to the folder
    cd [PATH]
  • Install Dependencies
    npm install
  • (Optional) To remove the running log Comment console.log lines at
    • node_modules/node-roon-api/lib.js
    • node_modules/node-roon-api/moo.js ( REQUEST)
    • node_modules/node-roon-api/moomsj.js (CONTINUE and COMPLETE)
  1. Running
node .
  1. Enable the extension In Roon, go to Settings -> Extensions and click on the "enable" button next to the roon-extension-http-api extension details.

** Testing in Browser

You should now the IP address where the extension is (for the same computer, you can use localhost. the default port is 3001. This can be changed by changing the PORT value in server.js

Open a browser and go to the following link:


Available APIs

The full list of APIs can be seen on routes.js

The format to call these APIs are:


The APIs are:

  • Transport APIs

    • getCore
    • listZone
    • getZone
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/getZone?zoneId=[zoneId as found from listZones]
    • play_pause
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/play_pause?zoneId=[zoneId as found from listZones]
    • play
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/play?zoneId=[zoneId as found from listZones]
    • pause
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/pause?zoneId=[zoneId as found from listZones]
    • stop
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/stop?zoneId=[zoneId as found from listZones]
    • previous
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/previous?zoneId=[zoneId as found from listZones]
    • next
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/next?zoneId=[zoneId as found from listZones]
    • change_volume
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/change_volume?volume=[Volume % from 0 to 100]&outputId=[outputId as found from listZones]
  • Image APIs

    • getImage
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/getImage?image_key=[image_key as found from the browser APIs]
    • getMediumImage
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/getMediumImage?image_key=[image_key as found from the browser APIs]
    • getIcon
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/getIcon?image_key=[image_key as found from the browser APIs]
  • Browser APIs

    • listByItemKey (list_size always returns 100)
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/listByItemKey?zoneId=[zoneId]&item_key=[item_key from Browser APIs]&page=[page number]&list_size=[number of return per page]
    • listSearch (list_size always returns 100)
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/listSearch?zoneId=[zoneId]&toSearch=[search string]&list_size=[hits per page]
    • goUp (list_size always returns 100)
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/goUp?zoneId=[zoneId]&list_size=[hits per page]
    • goHome (list_size always returns 100)
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/goHome?zoneId=[zoneId]&list_size=[hits per page]
    • listGoPage (list_size always returns 100)
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/listGoPage?page=[page number]&list_size=[hits per page]
  • Timers

    • getTimers
    • addTimer
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/addTimer?zoneId=[zoneId]&time=[unix time in millisecond]&command=[play|[pause]&isRepeat=[0|1]
    • removeTimer
       http://localhost:3001/roonAPI/removeTimer?zoneId=[zoneId]&time=[unix time in milliseconds]&command=[play|pause]&isRepeat=[0|1]


There are several examples that calls the APIs above under the htmls directory.

URL: http://localhost:3001/player.html

These are:

  • player.html (simple player with play/pause, next, previous and volume slider where available)
  • browser.html (simple viewer list, can play the songs)
  • timers.html (simple timers to play/pause songs)
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