Proxy to run on OS X that allows direct communications with iPhone or iPod Touch devices
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*What is this*

The usbmux-proxy is a simple command line tool to connect local TCP
ports on your Mac to ports on an iPhone or iPod Touch device over a
USB connection.

The usbmux protocol is used by for example iTunes to connect to
daemons running on the iPhone or iPod Touch.


The following assumptions are made:

 * OS X 10.5.x
 * Recent Developer Tools installed
 * Boost 1.36 installed under /usr/local

Boost can be downloaded from

Build the usbmux-proxy by simply invoking 'make'.


If you for example run a network daemon on port 22 on your iPhone then
you can make this network daemon available locally on your Mac on port
2222 by running usbmux-proxy like this:

  ./usbmux-proxy 22:2222

Now by connecting to localhost:2222 on your mac, you actually connect
to port 22 on your iPhone or iPod Touch device.

  % ssh -p 2222 root@localhost
  iPhone:~ root# uptime

*Possible Uses*

If you develop official software for the iPhone then this code can be
used to have a Mac-side of your program connect to your iPhone
application. Although iPhone software runs in a sandbox, you are
allowed to start network servers on non-priviledged ports. This is a
great way to transfer data between your App and your Mac.

*Please note*

This project is a complete hack. It makes some assumptions of the
undocumented usbmux protocol based on wiretaps and reverse engineering
done by other people. It works great with iTunes 8.0.x and iPhone 2.1
but it could possibly break when either of those are upgraded.

It works great for me though, which is good enough.