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Kele is a Ruby Gem API client to access the Bloc API.

Bloc's API Documentation


The client can be used as follows, (Populated with your email and password to access the API.):

$ irb
>> require './lib/kele'
=> true
>>"", "abc123")

To retrieve a parsed ruby hash of your account information then run:

$ kele_client.get_me

To retrieve your mentor's current availability:

$ kele_client.get_mentor_availability(mentor_id)

To retrieve your roadmap:

$ kele_client.get_roadmap(chain_id)

To retrieve information on a particular checkpoint:

$ kele_client.get_checkpoint(checkpoint_id)

To retreive your remaining checkpoints:

$ kele_client.get_remaining_checkpoints(chain_id)

To retrieve your messages:

$ kele_client.get_messages(1) # returns the first page of message threads
$ kele_client.get_messages # returns the first page of messages

To send a message:

$ kele.client.create_message(sender, recipient_id, token, subject, text)
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