Linux driver for Monoprice 22 aka MP22-HD display/tablet
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This is here for historical reasons only.

This is an experimental driver for Monoprice 22

Current status: stable as of 11 Nov 2016. Please open issues for any bugs you find.

  • BTN_TOOL_PEN and BUTTON_TOOL_RUBBER are signaled as soon as they are in hover range;
  • BTN_TOUCH is set when stylus or rubber touch the screen;
  • BTN_STYLUS2 is set while button pressed;
  • GIMP and KRITA work, but eraser is not recognized, as in all drivers I've seen


To install:

  • verify that your computer sees your Monoprice. lsusb should show 'ID 0b57:9016 Beijing HanwangTechnology Co., Ltd';
  • make to build the driver;
  • sudo make install to install the driver.

At this point you should be able to use the stylus as the mouse and with GIMP or Krita, etc.

To uninstall, of course

sudo make uninstall


If your stylus is not responsive after hybernation, type sudo /usr/local/bin/ This is a known issue.

You can try checking

  • lsusb for 0b57:9016;
  • lsmod | grep mono for mono_22
  • cat /proc/bus/input/devices to see where your device is attached

With xinput, you can look try

  • xinput and look for 'Monoprice 22'
  • xinput list --long "Monoprice 22"
  • while :; do xinput --query-state "Monoprice 22"; sleep 1; done
  • xinput test "Monoprice 22" also,
  • evtest


Obviously, sudo make uninstall and make clean as needed... See aidyw's repo for more information about debugging the driver.


based on original drivers by

The driver was built to these guidelines: