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Productive Birds

A very bare-bones project time tracking application for small teams described in a detailed blog post. There’s not a lot of tooling here, and the goal isn’t so much a web application as an information display that can be tacked to the wall for high visibility.



  1. Make a new MySQL database using create.mysql.
  2. Set your database parameters in connect_mysql() at the top of lib.php.
  3. Add a client to the client_info table (sorry, I haven’t made a form for any of this):
    • client column is their name.
    • ends is a date for when the project ends, formatted like "YYYY-MM-DD".
    • days is the number of days your team can spend on the project based on the budget.
    • budget is an amount of money, used only for display and sorting.
  4. Ignore the same_clients tables unless you’re like us and used to use lots of different names for the same things.
  5. Modify the PEOPLE list at the top of lib.php with initials for your group.
  6. Go to record.php and type in some times!
  7. Get data out for use in other systems at data.php.
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