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1 parent 133729e commit 809fd00df6f4c80a7355da117532bb4b0d4bc429 Michael Lawrence Evans committed May 30, 2012
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  1. +4 −4 site/templates/make-step2-geography.html.tpl
8 site/templates/make-step2-geography.html.tpl
@@ -245,18 +245,18 @@
<div id="zoom-container">
<span id="zoom-in" style="display: none;">
- <img src="{$base_dir}/img/button-zoom-in-off.png" id="zoom-in-button" width="46" height="46">
+ <img src="{$base_dir}/img/button-zoom-in-off.png" id="zoom-in-button" width="46" height="46" title="Zoom In">
<span id="zoom-out" style="display: none;">
- <img src="{$base_dir}/img/button-zoom-out-off.png" id="zoom-out-button" width="46" height="46">
+ <img src="{$base_dir}/img/button-zoom-out-off.png" id="zoom-out-button" width="46" height="46" title="Zoom Out">
<span id="zoom-return">
- <img src="{$base_dir}/img/button-return-off.png" id="zoom-return-button" width="46" height="46">
+ <img src="{$base_dir}/img/button-return-off.png" id="zoom-return-button" width="46" height="46" title="Return the Atlas to the Center of the Map">
<div id="map">
<div id="canvas"></div>

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