The Proto! Python Async RPC based on Protobufers and TCP sokets.
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The Proto! Python Async RPC based on ProtocolBuffers and TCP sockets.##

The Proto is a simple RPC implementation on top of ProtocolBuffers rpc stubs. It uses TCP sockets to talk and ASN.1 to encode packets with your ProtocolBuffer message & some meta data for rpc.

Based on:

Current version: 0.4.0

Server Sample

Before using this RPC module you need to create a protocol file and generate python stubs and classes. ./protoc -python_out=. myprotocolfile.proto So your 'myprotocolfile' will become module. You should supply it to 'run_server' method of your rpc server implementation. See for reference. You need to:

  • Subclass ProtoServer and generated server class (MyRPCServer is example)

    class MyRPCServerImpl(ProtoServer, MyRPCServer):
      def __init__(self, addr):
        ProtoServer.__init__(self, addr)
  • import your generated module. import myprotocolfile_pb2

  • start server MyRPCServerImpl.run_server(port = 9999, pb2 = myprotocolfile_pb2)

Client Sample

See for working example

from myprotocolfile_pb2 import MyRequestClass
rpc_server = MyRPCServer_Stub(ProtoChannel('localhost', 9999, pb2))
controller = ProtoController()
  r = MyRequestClass()
  response  = rpc_server.my_rpc_method(controller, r, None)
  if response: print 'response %s' % str(response)
except ProtoError, pe:
  print 'ProtoError:', str(pe)