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# From 2010 to 2013, the change in median cost of health, dental, and vision coverage for California city employees
from shutil import unpack_archive
from statistics import median
import csv
import os
import requests
LOCAL_DATADIR = "/tmp/capublicpay"
YEARS = (2010, 2013)
medians = []
for year in YEARS:
basefname = '' % year
url = BASE_URL + basefname
local_zname = "/tmp/" + basefname
# this is such a massive file that we should cache the download
if not os.path.exists(local_zname):
print("Downloading", url, 'to', local_zname)
data = requests.get(url).content
with open(local_zname, 'wb') as f:
# done downloading, now unzip files
print("Unzipping", local_zname, 'to', LOCAL_DATADIR)
unpack_archive(local_zname, LOCAL_DATADIR, format = 'zip')
# each zip extracts a file named YEAR_City.csv
csv_name = LOCAL_DATADIR + '/' + basefname.replace('zip', 'csv')
# calculate median
with open(csv_name, encoding = 'latin-1') as f:
# first four lines are:
# “Disclaimer
# The information presented is posted as submitted by the reporting entity. The State Controller's Office is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.”
cx = list(csv.DictReader(f.readlines()[4:]))
mx = median([float(row['Health Dental Vision']) for row in cx if row['Health Dental Vision']])
print("Median for %s" % year, mx)
print(medians[-1] - medians[0])