Checklist for iOS developer before submitting app to AppStore
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Checklist for iOS developer before submitting app to AppStore.

iTunesConnect &

  • Install publisher's provision profile (containing private key p12).
  • Install distribution certificate containing your app's BundleID.
  • Prepare app in iTunesConnect for your app's BundleID.
    • Provide description and l10ns for all relevant languages.
    • Provide screenshots/videos in iTunesConnect.


  • Make sure that APNS certificate includes your app's BundleID.
  • You have created distribution APNS certificate.
  • Your server is using distribution APNS certificate.
  • Check that notifications are working on different iOS versions (pay attention on iOS8 where API was changed).


  • Do not hardcode anywhere in sources things like isBeta=YES or DEBUG=YES.

  • Make sure that app icon or name doesn't contain beta word.

  • Update app version and build version. Never harcode version inside app (use CFBundleVersion instead).

Version compatibility

  • Make sure that new release is installed over old version in correct way:

    • Install app from AppStore. Create ad-hoc build and install it over old version.
    • Check that user doesn't lose any his info after update.
  • Check that data from NSUserDefaults is read in correct way:

    • app doesn't crash trying to read unexisting keys
    • your haven't changed keys in initWithCoder and encodeWithCoder (your current app should be able to read data saved by old app)

iOS SDK API updates:

  • check that app can connect to your server, open faq page, load image (ATS, iOS9 SDK)
  • check that geolocation is working (iOS8 SDK)
  • check that local notifications are working, because user needs permit them too (iOS8 SDK)
  • push notifications should work too


  • Connect application to production server environment.
  • Do not send beta=1 (or similar) in any server requests.
  • If app is configurated from server (for example, it downloads DB), make sure that configuration is updated in correct way. If configuration needs to be updated every N hours - it really does.


  • Enable crash analytics tool like Crashlytics.
  • Enable flow analytics tool like Flurry.
  • Disable NSLog calls. At least like this
#define NSLog(...) /* */

In-App Purchases

  • Enable IAPs for your app id in

  • Enable IAPs in Xcode Build Settings

  • Submit finance docs (without doing it, app doesn't receive even list of in-apps) in iTunesConnect:

  • Make sure, that if you've hardcoded IAPs IDs, they are the same in iTunes Connect app too.

  • In-apps are displaying correctly. Test user can make purchases.
  • In-apps are submitted for review! Otherwise in-apps won't be available even if app version was reviewed.

Specific services

  • Check AppDelegate and make sure that applicationId and clientKey are used from production account.


// --------------------- Parse credentials:
  [Parse setApplicationId:@"FDF...WGr" clientKey:@"1BzI...F"]; application keys

Keys should be the same in Settings and AppDelegate.

  • Deploy Cloud code to production account!
  • Parse application is marked as 'PROD' in Settings

  • If you're using APNS, set production certificate in Settings


  • Make sure, that you are using production app, check client key and perform successful login/sharing to Fb.
  • Disable Sandbox mode for Fb app.
  • If you are using GraphStory, submit them to review, describe steps-to-reproduce and add necessary screenshots.
  • If you're using FBSDKAppInviteContent, make sure that invitation link is pointing to PROD application

App extensions (widgets)

  • Create separate bundle ID. Usuall it looks like
  • Generate distribution mobile provisions for widget
  • Make sure that app groups are included in both provisions: host app and extension.
  • Check that widget is using production server URL / production Parse keys.

Apple docs

Also, you can find useful Apple guides: