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This module converts user-installed apps to system apps (systemlessly thru magisk, without modifying your /system partition). Now comes with companion App Systemizer application written by @loserskater, which lets you pick any user-installed app to be converted to a system app (reboot is required after you select apps to be systemized). THIS MODULE CANNOT BE INSTALLED FROM RECOVERY! Install from Magisk Manager only. Check Support thread for additional information.

Supported Apps

Only the launchers listed below are systemized by default. If you need to systemize any other user-installed apps, use the included companion AppSystemizer application written by @loserskater.

  • Action Launcher 3 (for Google Now integration)
  • Nexus/Pixel C Launcher (for Google Now integration)

Change Log


  • Version 1400 template, REQUIRES magisk v14.


  • New Marshmallow-compatible companion app from @loserskater.


  • Installation from recovery is not supported.


  • Companion app update.
  • Script bugfix when magisk_merge was created too small.


  • Companion app bugfix update.
  • Log messages update.


  • Internal code re-organization.
  • A bit more verbose logging (in magisk log).
  • Companion app update to fix FCs.


  • Better integration with companion app.
  • Companion app update.
  • Change log trimmed of no longer relevant entries.
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