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One button connect/disconnect Bluetooth headphones on Windows 10!

  1. Clone or download this repo
  2. Install BluetoothCLTools (say yes when asked to add tools dir to path)
  3. Run btdiscovery in command line to get your headphones MAC address
  4. Paste the MAC address into first line of mac.txt file and save

That's it!

Now you can double-click connect.vbs or disconnect.vbs to connect/disconnect your BT headphones.

But I don't want to click...

Well, you can bind the script to some media keyboard button or use Autohotkey to do some fancy shortcut.

So how does it work?

Win10 automatically disconnects BT device after all services the device offers are disabled.

This script simply disables services offered by selected BT device.

Same same on connect.

But it doesn't work for me!

Check if your headphones offer more BT services than:

  • Hands-Free Profile (111E)
  • A2DP AudioSink (110B)

If so, add them to connect.bat and disconnect.bat files.

The list of services can be found here.

Credit where it's due:

This guy on superuser!

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