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The documentation for Brandy consists of the following files:

use		This describes how to use the interpreter and
		lists the differences between it and Acorn's
		interpreter and its limitations.

messages	This file describes all the error messages that the
		interpreter can produce and what they mean.

graphics	This contains notes on the program's graphics

basic		This is a brief introduction to Basic V.

internals	This gives a high level view of the interpreter's
		internals. It is not a line-by-line account of
		how it works but shows how the various components
		fit together.

compiling	Instructions for compiling the program under
		various operating systems.

history		A list of changes and bug fixes in the different
		versions of the program.

ChangeLog	A more detailed list of changes and bug fixes
		beginning with V1.21.0.

Mode7		This contains notes on the program's Mode 7 Teletext

networking	This contains some notes on the implementation of
		network connectivity that was added in V1.21.6.

Brandy implements Basic V, the dialect of Basic that Acorn Computers
supplied with their ranges of desktop computers that use the ARM
processor such as the Archimedes and RiscPC. Basic V is an extended
version of BBC Basic. This was the Basic used on the BBC Micro that
Acorn made during the early 1980s.

There is some very useful documentation for the BBC Micro
available on the Internet. One very good site is 'The BBC Lives!'

The best manual to look at is the BBC User's Guide. It is useful
in that it gives a lot of background information on BBC Basic and
the environment in which it runs. It should help in understanding
this interpreter better.