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How to use this script?

Pre-Flight checklist


Option 1: Download and execute

  • Download the script to your appliance (e.g. /root/ and make it executable. For that, execute
    curl -k --silent > /root/ && chmod +x /root/
    within the shell (SSH).
  • Start the script (you can use Parameters):
  • Using SCP or sFTP, download the from the /root/ folder.

Option 2: Execute via cURL

  • Execute
    curl -k --silent | /bin/bash\
  • Using SCP or sFTP, download the from the /root/ folder.


You can change the behaviour of the script, depending on which Paramters you pass along: [-v|q] [-j] [-r] [-a] [-u] [-h]
-v: Verbose output (inner function calls)
-q: Minimum output (quiet)
-j: Create Java memorydump
-r: Dont verify RPMs, may save a lot of time if unnecessary
-a: Dont include /etc/asterisk
-fs: Force fsck for the root partition on the next boot
-u: Upload the resulting file to a STARFACE Nextcloud share (requries URI from the support)
-h: Help (this screen)


  • You've been tasked to verify integrity of all installed RPM Pakets. You don't need a Java memory dump:
  • You just need the logfiles from the appliance:
    ./ -r -a
  • You don't want to include the passwords of the SIP accounts:
    ./ -a
  • Upload the logs to STARFACE Nextcloud share: ./ -u
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