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The rewritten version is currently in alpha;'s current release is a Unified Legacy Build!
Documentation for legacy builds can be found here


This documentation covers the rewritten version of SG, supporting versions 1.17+.
Builds for older versions may be found here, but are minimally supported.


The original, and still the best, transportation solution for the Bukkit ecosystem!
A Minecraft Spigot/Paper plugin facilitating player interactions through interconnection.

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Immersive User-Oriented Capable
Stargate's interface is integrated within gameplay; players can create, use, and destroy portals without any commands! All of StarGate's features are designed to allow for non-admin users to create and manage their own portal networks in a balanced and risk free manner. By default, StarGate boasts a comprehensive network system, dozens of portal types (flags), and highly configurable behaviours.
Configurable Expandable Customizable
Stargate has a comprehensive and intuitive config, highly granular permissions, and multi-language support! The StarGate community has developed an ecosystem of add-ons, which collectively add integration and design-philosophy expansions to the plugin. Stargate supports numerous customizations; from sign formatting to gate designs, all user-facing details can be modified!

Context and Credits

The continuation of Minecraft's first portal plugin, Stargate, by Sturmeh and Dinnerbone.
Guided by the original philosophy and rewritten from the ground up for modern versions of MC.
With inspiration from Drakia's port and it's subsequent revivals (notably SGRevived and SG10).

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