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Zigbee2MQTT - Domoticz Python Plugin

Python plugin for Domoticz to add integration with zigbee2mqtt project




You can use Plugins Manager for automatic installation or follow manual steps:

  1. Clone repository into your domoticz plugins folder
cd domoticz/plugins
git clone zigbee2mqtt
  1. Restart domoticz
  2. Make sure that "Accept new Hardware Devices" is enabled in Domoticz settings
  3. Go to "Hardware" page and add new item with type "Zigbee2MQTT"
  4. Set your MQTT server address and port to plugin settings

Once plugin receive device list from zigbee2mqtt server it will create appropriate domoticz devices. You will find these devices on Setup -> Devices page.

Plugin update

  1. Go to plugin folder and pull new version
cd domoticz/plugins/zigbee2mqtt
git pull
  1. Restart domoticz

Zigbee groups support

Plugin supports zigbee groups. It is impossible to automatically identify what device should represent the group (OnOff switch, dimmer, etc.), so plugin relies on suffixes in zigbee group name. Currently following suffixes are supported:

Suffix Device Type Example
_dimmer Dimmer Switch mygroup_dimmer
_ct Dimmer Switch with Color Temperature mygroup_ct
_rgb RGB Switch mygroup_rgb
_rgbw RGBW Switch mygroup_rgbw

if no suffix will be found then On/Off switch will be created by default

Supported zigbee devices

see the full list here