A jQuery plugin for building forms, loading form structure from xml, and saving back to the server.
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The jquery.Formbuilder plugin is a script that allows you integrate
a jquery and php-based form-creation tool into your application.

Please report all issues, bugs, and feature suggestions
to: https://snowy-evening.com/botsko/jquery-form-builder/

The tool interface is constructed using form data presented in xml format
by the server. The php class assists you with storing the data,
generating the xml, generating the html form, and processing the data.

A demo of this version may be found at http://experiments.botsko.net/tests/formbuilder/

Please feel free to fork the project and provide patches back.
Please let us know how you're using this product!

The source contains all example files, javascripts necessary, php files,
any documentation, and some PHPUnit unit tests for the class.

Note: Currently, an upgrade to jQuery 1.4.2 will not be enabled until
problems with the scroll.to plugin are resolved.

Version 0.3-beta - 20110619
- Compatible with latest jQuery, jQueryUI and jquery.scrollTo
- CSS moved into a separate file
- Applied jsbeautifier and jshint on code
- Added control box target element option
- Added localization support
- Improved dynamic loading, unique ID handling for multiple formbuilder-instances
- Removed scrollTo dependency in favour of jQuery.animate()
- Added json backend, to replace/as alternative to xml

Version 0.2 - 20100806
- Upgraded to scroll.to 1.4.2
- Added ability to sort form fields.
- Added in basic build scripts for easier releases
- Minor code cleanup
- Hash bug fix

Version 0.1 - 20090922
- Complete initial release using much of the functionality copied
from AspenMSM, an excellent cms tool from Trellis Development.