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Hello In All Languages


Hello In All Languages is a plugin for WordPress, which displays a "hello" word translated to the official language of the country the visitor's IP belongs to.

How to install

  1. Upload the extracted archive to wp-content/plugins/ or upload the archive from the admin dashboard (Plugins -> Add New -> Upload).
  2. Activate the plugin via the Plugins menu.

How to configure

  1. Open the plugin settings page (Settings -> Hello In All Languages).
  2. Sign up for a free DB-IP.com API key and paste it in the appropriate field.
  3. Select how the word will be displayed (capitalised, uppercase, or lowercase).
  4. Select the default language (will be used if the visitor's IP cannot be determined).

How to use

Enter the shortcode [HELLO-IN-ALL-LANGUAGES] in any post or page and the translated hello will be displayed.


For questions, issues, or feature requests, you can either contact me, or post them either in the WordPress Forum (make sure to add the tag "hello-in-all-languages"), or in this blog post.


  • To ensure that all the hello translations will be displayed correctly, please use UTF-8 charset.
  • Please be aware that the plugin may not work properly if you are testing your blog in a local server.
  • To determine the visitor's physical location based on his IP, the geolocation API provided by DB-IP.com is being used.


Some "hello" translations

some hello translations

How to use in a post

how to use in a post

The plugin's settings

plugin settings