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A set of defaults for Fusion 9+ that makes transitioning from Nuke easier.
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A set of defaults for Fusion 8+ that makes transitioning from Nuke easier. Includes familiar Layouts from Nuke, a set of symlinked names/nodes for Nuke that creates Fusion equavalent nodes and hotkeys to mimic Nuke's default.

A work in progress, the community can help expand if needed.


The Layouts are inspired by the default workspaces in Nuke8+. The following layouts have been made :

  • Animation
  • Compositing
  • Floating
  • Large Node Graph
  • Large Viewer
  • Scripting

The layouts are stored in the Layout/ folder.

Macros (gizmos)

  • Nuke names to Fusion nodes are provided, but upon creation they change to the Fusion equavalent for future reference.
  • Includes a few small snippets of nodes to showcase similar functionality (Position2Points, Reconcile3d etc)
  • All accessible as Nuke names by pressing TAB and writing the name of the nodes.

The macros are stored in the macros/nuke2fusion/ folder.


A set of default hotkeys for creating nodes, toggling view controls on/off, disabling nodes and more. With a small addition of using capital letters to indicate 3d nodes.

  • Tab for node search with wildcard (moved from shift-space)
  • Lower case letters for 2d nodes (m)erge, (w)rite, (r)ead, (b)lur etc..
  • Upper case letters for 3d nodes (M)erge3d, (R)enderer3d, (T)ransform3d etc..
  • (d) for disable/passthrough node
  • (q) (while focused on the viewer) disables/enables on-screen controls
  • (m)erge and (M)erge3D automatically tries to connect to selected nodes
  • (k) will try to connect selected node to closest node output. Aka kiss.
  • (.) inserts a elbow/dot node.

The hotkeys can be configured and edited under the Config/fusion.fu file.


Clone or copy the folders into your userprefs folder.

If you havent set your userprefs yet, you can point to a place to store Fusion data pr.user

  • open Fusion
  • File preferences
  • Path map
  • Select "UserPaths" and point it to your downloaded nuke2fusion folder.


Fusion is very flexible, make sure you checkout all your options in the Preferences.

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