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Import and export between multiple terminal colour scheme formats

Many templates are sourced from the Base16-Builder.

Colors are handled using Colr.


npm install termcolors

Terminal Usage

Use the -i and -o flags to set the input and output formats. Pipe the input data into stdin.

Missing colors will be automatically replaced with the default colors.

Reading from one file and writing to another:

$ termcolors -i xresources -o json < ~/.Xresources > output.json

Reading from xrdb output, and writing to stdout:

$ xrdb -q | termcolors -i xresources -o text

JS API Usage

var fs = require('fs');
var termcolors = require('termcolors');

var xresources = fs.readFileSync('~/.Xresources', 'utf8');
var colors = termcolors.xresources.import(xresources);

var iterm = termcolors.iterm.export(colors);
fs.writeFile('~/config.itermcolors', iterm);

Supported Formats

Note: only a select few formats support importing.

Name ID Import Export
Alacritty alacritty
Chrome Secure Shell chromeshell
Gnome gnome
Guake guake
iTerm iterm
JSON json
Konsole konsole
Linux Console linux
MinTTY mintty
Putty putty
Simple Terminal st terminalapp
Terminator terminator
Termite termite
Plain Text text
Sublime Text / Textmate textmate
XFCE4 Terminal xfce
Xresources xresources

DIY Export

Templates use doT.js.

Check the templates folder for some examples.


termcolors.export(template, [transformer])

  • template (string)
  • transformer (function)

The transformer is an optional function that is passed the colors input into the template and can transform them for use in the template.

This is useful so that you don't have to use the tinycolor

Example Without Converter:

var template = 'body { background {{=c.background.hexString()}}; }'

var cssTemplate = termcolors.export(template);

Example With Converter:

var template = 'body { background: {{=c.background}}; }'

var toHex = function (colors) {
    return {
        background: colors.background.hexString();

var cssTemplate = termcolors.export(template, toHex);

Example With Lodash Mapping:

var _ = require('lodash');
var template = 'body { background: {{=c.background}}; }'

var toHex = _.partialRight(_.mapValues, function (color) {
    return color.hexString();

var cssTemplate = termcolors.export(template, toHex);


Import and export between multiple terminal colour scheme formats



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